Hospitality, Food and Beverage

Royal Star has always aspired to achieve new standards in all aspects of the service industry. We vigorously convey our experience in every business operation we venture into and this has been strictly embedded in the procedures and protocols of our Hospitality/ Food and beverage operations. Royal Star’s hospitality, food and beverage division employs more than 1,400 employees who strive to fulfill this vision.

Fine Dining

Lotus Restaurant

With renowned innovative chefs within our ranks; who craft recipes that tickle and enchant the taste buds to sublime intensities, our fine dining restaurants captivate the heart. From the moment the dining experience starts, which takes place from the very moment a booking is taken until the car is returned by valet to the client. We take great pride in the ratings and reviews we have received for our Fine Dining Cuisines critiques

Fast Food

Malls and Food courts have a symbiotic relationship: good food courts help mall management increase footfalls and revenue while food courts rely on a steady stream of customers generated by the shopping opportunities at the malls. We currently operate more than 40 outlets within our own facilities and 46 outlets in other shopping malls.

Our partnership with Afifi Group, has enabled us to create our own regional brands that are today well recognized regional franchises, operating in 5 different countries in the Middle East.

The brands in our fast food portfolio include: